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Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless.

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Fearless (2006)


Huo Yuan Jia became the most famous martial arts fighter in all of China at the turn of the 20th Century. Huo faced personal tragedy but ultimately fought his way out of darkness, defining the true spirit of martial arts and also inspiring his nation. The son of a great fighter who didn't wish for his child to follow in his footsteps, Huo resolves to teach himself how to fight - and win.

Director: Ronny Yu
Writers: Chris Chow, Christine To.


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Fearless Review

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Nicholas United States

Interesting movie ..Thank you very much

Pierre France

Nice movies, tanks

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Jet Li - Fearless Jet Li
as Huo Yuanjia
Sun Li - Fearless Sun Li
as Moon
Dong Yong - Fearless Dong Yong
as Nong Jinsun
Shidou Nakamura - Fearless Shidou Nakamura
as Anno Tanaka
Pau Hei-Ching - Fearless Pau Hei-Ching
as Yuanjia's Mother
Chen Zhi-Hui - Fearless Chen Zhi-Hui
as Chin
Ting Leung - Fearless Ting Leung
as Lai
Yun Qu - Fearless Yun Qu
as Grandma
Scott Ma - Fearless Scott Ma
as Zhou
Nathan Jones - Fearless Nathan Jones
as Hercules O'Brien
Jacky Heung - Fearless Jacky Heung
as Chin's Godson
Brandon Rhea - Fearless Brandon Rhea
as Belgian Fighter
Philippe Millieret - Fearless Philippe Millieret
as French Businessman
Anthony De Longis - Fearless Anthony De Longis
as Spanish Swordsman
Jean Claude Leuyer - Fearless Jean Claude Leuyer
as English Boxer
Mike Leeder - Fearless Mike Leeder
as Fight Referee
Yi Shixiong - Fearless Yi Shixiong
as Liu Zhensheng
Chen Fusheng - Fearless Chen Fusheng
as Xu Dashan
Zheng Shiming - Fearless Zheng Shiming
as Xia Xiang
Lu Yuhao - Fearless Lu Yuhao
as Child Huo Yuanjia
Qilong Zhu - Fearless Qilong Zhu
as Child Nong Jinsun
Shang Yapeng - Fearless Shang Yapeng
as Child Zhou
Wang Qi - Fearless Wang Qi
as Gui
He Ju - Fearless He Ju
as Town Idiot
Xu Ailing - Fearless Xu Ailing
as Jade
He Si-Rong - Fearless He Si-Rong
as Chin's wife
Ma Yin - Fearless Ma Yin
as Chin's daughter
Jon T. Benn - Fearless Jon T. Benn
as American Businessman
John Paisley - Fearless John Paisley
as English Businessman
Collin Chou - Fearless Collin Chou
as Yuanjia's Father
Masato Harada - Fearless Masato Harada
as Mita
Li Jun - Fearless Li Jun
as Judge
Qian Yi - Fearless Qian Yi
as Phony Westerner
Zhao Zhigang - Fearless Zhao Zhigang
as Zhou's father
Ma Jingjing - Fearless Ma Jingjing
as Yuanjia's disciple
Wei Binghua - Fearless Wei Binghua
as Yuanjia's disciple
Zhao Tieying - Fearless Zhao Tieying
as Yuanjia's disciple
Xu Yonghai - Fearless Xu Yonghai
as Yuanjia's disciple
Song Shuo - Fearless Song Shuo
as Yuanjia's disciple
Liu Licheng - Fearless Liu Licheng
as Ah-Qiang
Sun Leqiu - Fearless Sun Leqiu
as Accountant
Guo Shaoheng - Fearless Guo Shaoheng
as Master Braid
Li Chao - Fearless Li Chao
as Swordman
Cheng Yong - Fearless Cheng Yong
as Twin Brother (tall)
Shu Jian - Fearless Shu Jian
as Twin Brother (short)
Gao Yuntong - Fearless Gao Yuntong
as Huo's stunt double


Directing Ronny Yu Director
Production William Kong Producer
Production Jet Li Producer
Production Buting Yang Producer
Production Ronny Yu Producer
Sound Umebayashi Shigeru Original Music Composer
Writing Chris Chow Screenplay
Writing Christine To Screenplay
Crew Wang Bin Additional Writing
Crew Feng Li Additional Writing
Production Po Chu Chui Co-Producer
Production Han Sanping Co-Producer
Camera Poon Hang-Sang Director of Photography
Crew Yuen Woo-ping Martial Arts Choreographer
Art Kenneth Mak Production Design
Editing Virginia Katz Editor
Editing Richard Learoyd Editor
Costume & Make-Up Thomas Chong Costume Design
Visual Effects Victor Wong Visual Effects Supervisor
Sound Wu Lala Production Sound Mixer
Sound Umebayashi Shigeru Conductor
Production Jiang Tao Associate Producer
Production Dong-ming Shi Associate Producer
Production Cao Biao Associate Producer
Production Philip Lee Associate Producer
Production Xia Zhang Associate Producer
Production Wai Sum Shia Associate Producer