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Indochina, 1959. The French left. The Americans have yet to arrive. But one man has declered war.

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Savage Dog (2017)


A story set in Indochina in 1959, a lawless land controlled by the criminal class: Vietnamese warlords and European war-criminals. Den-Dhin-Chan Labor Camp is run by four such dangerous men. The worst prison in the land, it is here that an Irish, former-champion boxer Martin Tillman has made a name for himself fighting tournaments, on which wealthy criminals gamble in high stakes events. When Tillman is due for release, he just wants to return home, but the corrupt forces running the jail will do everything in their power to keep him locked down. When all that Tillman holds dear is taken away in a vicious act of violence, he is forced to confront the men responsible and take his revenge. The birth of a legend.

Director: Jesse V. Johnson


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Savage Dog Review

Sem Netherlands

Goede film, zal ik weer kijken ..

Dedrick Germany

Die Geschichte des Films ist sehr interessant, war ich in der glücklichen Lage, es zu sehen sein.

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

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Scott Adkins - Savage Dog Scott Adkins
as Martin
Marko Zaror - Savage Dog Marko Zaror
as Rastignac
JuJu Chan - Savage Dog JuJu Chan
as Isabelle
Cung Le - Savage Dog Cung Le
as Boon
Vladimir Kulich - Savage Dog Vladimir Kulich
as Steiner
Keith David - Savage Dog Keith David
as Valentine
Matthew Marsden - Savage Dog Matthew Marsden
as Harrison
Luke Massy - Savage Dog Luke Massy
as The Champ
Aki Aleong - Savage Dog Aki Aleong
as Tribal Chieftain
Charles Fathy - Savage Dog Charles Fathy
as Amarillo
Sheena Chou - Savage Dog Sheena Chou
as Samsip-Sam
Kaden Vu - Savage Dog Kaden Vu
as Fighter


Directing Jesse V. Johnson Director
Writing Jesse V. Johnson Writer